Unemployment Compensation 

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Business and government studies conclude that it is no longer cost effective to control "non-core, non-essential" obligations IN HOUSE.  Solution? OUTSOURCE IT!

Unemployment Compensation taxes.....one of the three highest costs of doing business imposed by government.

Potential Savings Range Calculator - click to calculate the estimated range of savings you can achieve with UCAC.

Unemployment Compensation Overpayments - click to find out the many millions of dollars your state overpaid in benefits in CY2017Q3 - CY2018Q2

UC State Error Rates - click to discover your state's error rate. Multiply your CY2017Q3 - CY2018Q2 UC tax payments by the error rate to determine how much you overpaid in errors alone.

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Since 1935 over $1.193 trillion has been paid out in UC benefits.  The shocking fact is 15.1% of the total paid out has been paid in the last 5 years alone.  HOWEVER... 25% of these charges CAN BE AVOIDED! How?

 Outsource UC claims handling

Typically 25% of all claims and charges can be avoided! - GO TO FREE OFFER

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