UCAC, INC. CORPORATE PROFILE shows a private corporation owned by current principals since 1958. Original incorporation in Massachusetts in 1948. Florida incorporation in 1976. Over fifty years of service to employers. Specialization is reducing employer unemployment compensation costs for all business classifications in large and small establishments on a national basis. 

Multi-state, multi-location as well as single-location organizations are under contract. No long or short term borrowing. Accounts Payable are current. All assets are owned outright. Corporate Headquarters building is owned by principals. Branch processing centers are leased long term.

MAJOR DEPARTMENTS include Corporate Administration, Client Support Group, Marketing, Client Claims Processing, Client Accounts Auditing, Data Processing, Information Technology, National Accounts Coordination, Association Services, Special Services, Research and Statistics, and Client Reports.

PROCESSING CENTERS are located at West Palm Beach, FL; Richardson, TX 


DUNS:07-382-3965 . SIC: 8741